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Corporate Social Responsibility Activities


Sagar Swasthya  Kalyaan Samiti - NGO

  • While India is recognized as the fastest growing nation, it still has to do more for achieving substantial growth in the grass root level. Sagar Swasthya Kalyaan Samiti believes in the core philosophy, creating success & innovative thinking.
  • We are committed to work with the state government(s) in driving some larger objectives of providing skill based employment & equitable growth opportunities for the rural & below the poverty line youth in the State.
  • We are also working with several state government departments on various schemes to create employability by vocationally skilling the rural youth, towards the growth of the nation.

Key highlights

  • Capacity building & empowerment
  • Up-gradation of youth as per demand & trend
  • Personality Development & life skill development
  • Quality consciousness & marketable skills
  • Confidence building & ability to market their personality
  • Placement as per skills developed